We are always updating our FAQ section, so please return from time to time to see the latest questions and answers. If you don't find an answer here, please e-mail us and we will update this section.

Q) Where can I buy Elite Creature Collectibles’ products?

A) Official distributors have opened channels in numerous countries where collectors will be able to buy direct. We encourage you to contact them in order to secure your piece. Please see our Where To Buy page for further details.

Q) Can I order direct through this site?

A) No - we are not offering the facility for direct sales through this site.

Q) Is the Reaper maquette a Cinemaquette?

A) The answer is yes, the Reaper is the next volume in the Cinemaquette series, and will be co-branded with Cinemaquette and Elite together. To find out more about Cinemaquette please visit Cinemaquette's About Us page.

Q) What do the prices listed on this site refer to?

A) All of the prices listed on this site are the MSRP, and represent the selling price with Cinemaquette - our Authorized Distributor for North America.

Q) The Reaper Maquette and Transformotion Placard both say they are based on “unused concept designs” – what gives?

A) We decided the concept reaper would make a more interesting statue. We fell this alternate design is a fan favourite, and therefore we simply couldn’t resist producing this particular design.

Q) How come you didn’t produce one of the main characters from Blade 2 – like Jared Nomak?

A) We did do a 1:1 scale movie version reaper bust. It's not Nomak, but again, it was our favorite of the reapers in the film. Part of the charm for us is that we get to do characters that we personally like, and not just do the standard 'main' characters because we have the license.

Q) Will you be following Blade up with other licenses in the future?

A) Yes indeed! Please check out our Blog page regularly, or if you have Facebook, why not join us on there to keep up with all the latest news about Elite Creature Collectibles.

Q) What happens if I’m bitten by a Reaper?

A) The good news is that within a few hours you’ll be immune to the effects of silver and garlic. The bad news is that any future vacations to the beach might be best avoided. Then there’s the small problem of your newly acquired need to feed, daily…